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Sports News

Analysis of sporting trends, previews and reviews of key events and thought provoking articles. Dork Sport aims to become the online destination of choice for sports news.

Sporting Legends

Sporting superstars can take our breath away. They create memories that stay with us for a lifetime and inspire us in our own sporting endeavours. Dork Sport celebrates the lives of late sporting heroes in our series of obituaries and inducts legends into our growing Hall of Fame.

Sports Betting

In recent years sports betting has become the fastest growing of leisure pursuits. Dork Sport will look to highlight profitable betting opportunities and promote valuable bookmakers’ offers.

Local Sport

Local sport provides a rich seam of news and interest. All of today’s sporting heroes began their careers at local or junior level. Dork Sport looks to provide compelling stories from all levels of sport.

Welcome to Dorkville

During a conversation between Carl Peach and Steve Bunyan, Carl, (a sports fanatic), suggested to Steve, (an internet weirdo), that there was a huge hole in the market for a sports blog written from the perspective of crazy fans rather than paid journalists. Steve agreed, and the result was the birth of their love child, Dork Sport. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Carl Peach

Carl Peach

Dork and Co-Founder

Carl Peach is possibly the world’s biggest sports fan. There are some who claim it’s because he prefers sport to other people, but who knows. We do know he’s a qualified cricket umpire and rumours abound that perhaps his hair is fake!

Steve Bunyan

Steve Bunyan

Geek and Co-Founder

Steve Bunyan is a web wizard and internet entrepreneur. He is responsible for all of Dork Sport’s bells, whistles and general ubergeekery. Steve likes Formula One racing, but he doesn’t like vegetables.

Sophie Peach

Sophie Peach


Sophie Peach is responsible for social media stuff. She is a vegetarian and likes animals. Her biggest claim to sporting fame is that she cleans the pavilion at Weekley and Warkton Cricket Club.

Our Story

For many of us sport and play are firmly linked with childhood. Through competitive sports and games we learn a value system that includes fair play, team work and a passion for life. The lessons we learn from sporting pastimes shape our adult lives. Sport is everywhere. It is an inextricable part of our popular culture. At Dork Sport we want to celebrate all things sport with a youthful exuberance that belies our own advancing years. Sports are wonderful. They are pointless yet beguiling.

They pervade our modern lives. They are engaging, compelling, spontaneous and deliciously unpredictable, and that is why they are so appealing. Behind every sporting encounter are real people with human emotions and stories. At Dork Sport we aim to share those stories, marvel in the drama as it unfolds and revel in the beauty of its execution. Sport is huge. There are many inspirational stories to be told.

Dork Sport is a platform for sharing worldwide stories of sporting achievement and excellence. We are real people who share your passion for sport. We welcome contributions from writers everywhere as we grow the Dork Sport team and fill these pages with compelling content about the sports you play, watch and love. Our mission at Dork Sport is to become the world’s premier online resource for sporting content.

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